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basic information
Price $11.48
Retail Price $17.79
Domestic / International Shipping oversea delivery
Payment for Shipping Parcel Service
Shipping (Charge) International Shipping Fee
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Precautions for use

Product name mool perfumed water (textile perfume)
Size and weight 150ml
Main specifications General daily chemical product (fragrance, deodorant)
Manufacturing date or expiration date Indicated on product
How to use Refer to product details
Seller Kiwi Company Co., Ltd
Manufacturer Jeonjinbio Co., Ltd.
Country of origin Korea
Review by Ministry of Food and Drug Safety
according to the Cosmetics Act for functional cosmetics
E-A09B-C005009-A170 (fragrance)
E-A10B-C001005-A170 (deodorant)
Precautions for use 1. Keep away from the reach of children
2. If consumed, drink water and seek professional help if necessary
3. Do not spray on leather, velvet or fur products
4. Spray from a 20 cm distance and do not focus on one spot
5. Please test before using as the product may stain when used on areas prone to discoloration
6. Do not store under direct sunlight or in areas with severe temperature fluctuations (on top of electronic products, etc.)
7. Do not spray towards people or food
8. Do not forcefully pull off the cap fixed to the container
9. Please use at room temperature as the product may change if frozen
10. Wash off with clean water if the product gets into the eyes or skin and seek medical advice if necessary
11. Please keep the product upright or liquid may spill out
12. When spraying in areas above the eyes, please use a sponge or fabric to apply as the spray liquid may get into the eyes
13. Please ventilate well when using in confined spaces
14. Do not use for any other purposes than what is indicated
15. Spraying on dirty fabric may cause staining
16. Please store in its original container after use as remaining liquid may be misused
Quality assurance standards If there are problems with the product, you may receive an exchange or refund in accordance with the consumer dispute resolution standards announced by the Fair Trade Commission.
Customer service center 1588-5193 (hours: 10:00 - 18:00, closed on Sat/Sun/holidays)

Detail information
Product Name BABY BREATH
Price $11.48
Retail Price $17.79
Domestic / International Shipping oversea delivery
Payment for Shipping Parcel Service
Shipping (Charge) International Shipping Fee

Payment Information

Shipping Information

  • Shipping Method : Parcel Service
  • Shipping Area : A Region.
  • Shipping Costs : International Shipping Fee
  • Shipping time : 3 - 7 days
  • Shipping Information :

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